Valedictorian Club (8th Grade)

The Valedictorian Club (V-Club) was the first program established by Be A Leader in 2006 with sixty 8th-grade students from Roosevelt Elementary School District (RESD) and has since then expanded into the Murphy Elementary School District (Murphy). Once referred to as “Valedictorians,” these students start to develop a sense of accomplishment and realize the great potential within themselves. The Valedictorian Club’s (V-Club) focus is on the development of leadership skills, providing its participants with the tools to break down the barriers preventing them from finding a college degree a realistic goal and empowering students with the knowledge to plan their high school and college educational pursuits. The V-Club program accomplishes its goals through its 8 workshop series where participants learn how to use high school as a platform for entry to and success in college.


We are now recruiting for the academic year of 2020-2021. V-Club accepts applications from 7th graders during their spring semester to begin in August 2020. For more information please contact Ashley Rodriguez, Middle School Coordinator at ashley.rodriguez@bealeaderfoudation.org or call 602.758.8000 Ext. 702



Valedictorian Club Application

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