The Be A Leader Foundation designs programs that provide a positive learning environment and a college-focused mentality for each participant to develop their high school and college educational plan (4 plus 4 plan). We work directly with middle school and high school students in primarily inner-city schools to engage them into active development of their self-esteem, leadership skills and long term preparation of their 4 plus 4 plan. Ultimate success is achieved through our long-term relationship and stewardship of their educational evolution from middle school into high school, culminating with active participation at the university level and ultimately a college degree.

Be A Leader Institute Elementary (7th Grade)

The purpose of the Be A Leader Institute Elementary (BLIE) program is to create a positive environment & nurturing community through its college focused curriculum. This is an 8 workshop program coinciding with the academic year that provides participants with the tools, resources & encouragement to attend college and be leaders in their communities. In an effort to convey the …
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Valedictorian Club (8th Grade)

The Valedictorian Club (V-Club) was the first program established by Be A Leader in 2006 with sixty 8th-grade students from Roosevelt Elementary School District (RESD) and has since then expanded into the Murphy Elementary School District (Murphy). Once referred to as “Valedictorians,” these students start to develop a sense of accomplishment and realize the great potential within themselves. The Valedictorian …
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Youth Leadership Conferences (8th Grade)

The purpose of  Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) is for 8th grade students to feel excited and confident in their ability to achieve their educational goals by instilling important messages of leadership, providing tools and resources for success in high school and beyond, and identifying the significance of a college education.  Be A Leader uses each conference as a platform to instill …
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Be A Leader Clubs (9th-12th Grades)

Be A Leader Clubs are our way of directly working with high school students to develop a network of college bound students through high school campuses across Arizona. These clubs are student-led, school sponsored groups that focus on college educational aspirations and pursuits. The clubs support and encourage their membership to actively participate in the monthly Be A Leader Institute …
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Be A Leader Institute High School (9th-12th Grades)

The Be A Leader Institute High School (BLIH) program provides high school students with monthly workshops aimed at helping them embark on a college-going path. Our workshops are open to any high school student across the Valley and held at the Arizona State University’s downtown campus. Participants are encouraged to bring new friends each month to ensure their peers are …
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Senior Boot Camp (12th Grade)

Be A Leader’s Senior Boot Camp (SBC) program provides critical and timely support, encouragement and guidance to seniors as they continue to shape and plan their college going experience. Through a year-long series of workshops, along with consistent guidance, mentoring and support, students are best able to navigate the often-daunting college and scholarship application process. This extensive curriculum ensures that …
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Be A Leader Institute College (Post Secondary)

The Be A Leader Institute College (BLIC) program provides college students with educational and career path development support. The program’s goal is to increase the number of college students who obtain a college undergraduate degree and then go on to work towards completion of a post graduate degree. Be A Leader will continue to promote the program for college students …
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