Understanding your High School Transcript

You are probably here since you are filling out the Senior Bootcamp Application. That is great! 


Here is a quick video that explains how academic progress can improve your chances at being accepted to a 4-year college. Review this video so you understand the academic requirements for college. Then, it will be easier to understand why we are asking you to use your transcript to tell us about what credits you have completed so far. Completing this section will help us understand your unique needs as a student and enable us to support you on your path to college.


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Your High School Transcript

Your transcript is the record that admissions counselors in college use to understand how college ready you are. It records all of the classes you have completed in high school and summarizes the credits you have earned and your overall GPA. For the Senior Bootcamp Application, we are going to look at part of your high school transcript. It should look like the image above. The personal information of the transcript was omitted for confidentiality purposes.

To calculate your credits that will count toward your college application, we will take the following steps.

1) Look for the portion of your transcript that summarizes your credits, usually referred to as “Graduation Requirements” or “Credit Summary”


2) Look at the column for Completed Credits, here highlighted in black.


3) Now look at the credits this student has for the following topics.


English= 2.5

Math= 2.5

Science= 2.5

Social Studies= 1.5

Fine Arts= 1.0


4) Where are the credits for foreign language? Unfortunately, for many high schools, Foreign Language is not a requirement to graduate, but it is important for college applications. I added the credits for Foreign Language by going to each semester and adding up the credits. I highlighted the Foreign Language classes in blue.


Foreign Language= 2.5


Final Thoughts


How do you reconcile the credits with the Sweet 16 requirements?


Sweet 16 Requirements Credits
English 4 years 4 credits
Math 4 years 4 credits
Science 3 years 3credits
Social Studies 2 years 2 credits
Fine Arts 1 year 1 credits
Foreign Language 2 years 2 credits


1 year (or 2 semesters) = 1 credit


0.5 years (or 1 semester) = 0.5 credits


More Transcripts


Test out your new found skills on a few more transcripts!


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