Jessica Pedroza (BLIH Alumni)

When I found Be A Leader, I did not just find an organization that could guide me in applying for college and scholarships and everything else in between–I found a family. I would not be where I am today without Be A Leader. And where is that? The University of Notre Dame, it’s the place I’m learning to call home and one that offers more opportunities than I know what to do with–and with a full scholarship at that. I don’t have to worry about housing or tuition, books or flights, and for that I feel blessed and grateful to Be A Leader because they played an integral part in this journey.

Jose Pardo (BLIH Alumni, Current BALF Mentor)

After attending Be a Leader workshops I was proudly able to say that I wanted to be a university bound student and felt confident pursuing this goal. The Be A Leader Foundation provided me with great mentors who always went the extra mile for me or any other student who needed assistance..

Eric Simbron (V-Club)

The V-Club has taught me how to be a leader and how to treat people the way they should be treated. I also got to meet new people that have the same goals as me. That is to go to college.

Genesis Miranda (HS Senior)

I remember creating my first resume, four year plan, and life map (All of which I still have), I remember receiving my first scholarship: $100 at the V-Club graduation. From my first Saturday workshop, I knew that I had begun a marathon, with college as my finish line. Being steps from that finish line, I look back at the distance I’ve come and thank Be a Leader for the training and support.

Jasmine Cortez – Parent

Thanks to BALF, my son sees the bigger perspective and importance of getting a higher education and not settling for minimal choices in life but going above and beyond.

Steven Almanza – 12th grader

Be A Leader has given me a better understanding of what the future holds for me educationally. With the help of my mentors I have been able to apply to various universities and scholarships.

Olivia Preciado – 8th grader

It is amazing how our college mentors take the time out of their lives to help young adults get to college.

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