Youth Leadership Conferences (8th Grade)

The purpose of the Youth Leadership Conference is for 8th grade students to feel excited and confident in their ability to achieve their educational goals when entering high school. By participating in the YLC, each student will learn about the importance of preparing for high school and will be provided the initial tools and resources for success as they transition into their freshman year. The YLC is a bridge to support these students from middle school to high school and expose them to the Be A Leader Institute High School program and clubs. Our transition method is delivered through a full day of high school preparation/college readiness workshops and activities hosted by BALF. The workshops provide students with the proper tools and platform to create their 4+4 Plan and use high school as a spring board to college.


A description of the workshops taught during each of the YLC’s are found below:

High School – A Stepping Stone to College!

Students gain the tools they’ll need to create their 4+4 Educational Plan and receive information regarding the resources their high schools have to offer (counselors, magnet programs, etc).


Tools for Success in High School!
Students gain the skills to manage the high school work-load and extra-curricular activities. Students learn the importance of participating in extra-curricular activities and gain strategies to effectively document their academic progress and involvement as a means of getting to college.

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