Youth Leadership Conferences (8th Grade)

The purpose of  Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) is for 8th grade students to feel excited and confident in their ability to achieve their educational goals by instilling important messages of leadership, providing tools and resources for success in high school and beyond, and identifying the significance of a college education.  Be A Leader uses each conference as a platform to instill a college bound culture in incoming freshman students. The concept of implementing Youth Leadership Conferences (YLC’s) was created as a means to reach 8th grade students from each of the 13 elementary school districts promoting students into the Phoenix Union High School District.  Through this effort, we seek to continue to strengthen our college-going initiatives, Be A Leader Institute High School and the Be A Leader Clubs, as well as promote Phoenix Union’s mission of a “college-going district” by instilling a college going culture to over 1,300 new students each year.  Our delivery method is via a day of high school preparation/college readiness workshops and activities hosted by Be A Leader at each high school location. The workshops provide students with the proper tools and platform to use high school as a spring board to college.


Students participate in the following workshops:

High School - A Stepping Stone to College! 

Students are led through an exercise allowing them to envision their “ideal lives” and discuss the role college plays in achieving the life they desire for themselves. Students also gain the tools they’ll need to create their 4+4 Educational Plan as they learn to use high school as a “stepping stone” to higher education.


Career Exploration
Students are exposed to a variety of career options based on their personal interests and talents. There is a diverse list of classes that students can take during high school to get closer to their career goals. Students learn more on how to use their talents and abilities to choose a career path and start thinking about the steps necessary to reach a desired career.


Leaders Everywhere

Students learn what it means to be a “leader” through their community, family, and at school. Students will understand that by getting involved in clubs, sports, or through volunteering they will have many opportunities/leadership skills in high school. Students will then be lead in a fun exercise that will challenge their leadership skills.

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