Be A Leader Institute Elementary (7th Grade)

The purpose of the Be A Leader Institute Elementary (BLIE) program is to create a positive environment & nurturing community through its college focused curriculum. This is an 8 workshop program coinciding with the academic year that provides participants with the tools, resources & encouragement to attend college and be leaders in their communities. In an effort to convey the importance of reading and growing the personal library of each participant, students are additionally provided with inspirational books to encourage them to dream of their endless potential. Each workshop allows time for a book discussion to highlight the message of each book and its relevance to the topics being taught in the program.


“I have learned a lot from the BLIE program! It helped me realize that I could be myself and taught me what it meant to be a leader and how that would help me help my family. I was a little shy at first but the program helped me get over it and taught me what I needed to do to get to college.”


BLIE Student (7th Grader - Sunland Elementary)


For more information please contact Ashley Rodriguez, Elementary Coordinator at  ashley.rodriguez@bealeaderfoundation.org or call 602.758.8000

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