Be A Leader Institute College (Post Secondary)

The Be A Leader Institute College (BLIC) program provides college students with educational and career path development support. The program’s goal is to increase the number of college students who obtain a college undergraduate degree and then go on to work towards completion of a post graduate degree. Be A Leader will continue to promote the program for college students throughout Arizona’s Universities and Community Colleges. In addition, it will continue to work directly with its existing partners (corporations, public and private non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other leadership associations) to increase career opportunities and internships for students in the Be A Leader Institute College program. The outcome is more graduates from college who go on to obtain significant employment opportunities and postgraduate degrees.




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Engage, Develop, Graduate


Whether you are going to America's largest university, or a tight knit community college, the transition from high school to college can be challenging. Many students feel underprepared  and overwhelmed with this change and are unable to complete their higher education. That’s why we exist... To come alongside you to see your educational dreams become a reality.



College Program Purpose:

Be A Leader's College program offers individuals and opportunity to join a community of students who are all working toward one goal: college success. We can help you succeed in your goals and aspirations throughout your time in college and beyond through professional development workshops, networking, scholarships, internship connections and other resources!


Ideal College Student


We want students who are passionate and excited about Thriving in College and staying involved with the Be A Leader Family. Being nervous is okay, that is why we are here to help. We just want students who are willing to work hard and accomplish their goals of attaining a College Education.

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Camelback High School Award Contract


We want to congratulate you on being selected for the Camelback High School Scholar Award for the 2018-19 academic year!  


The Camelback High School Network, in partnership with the Be A Leader Foundation, will provide you with the resources and opportunities necessary to make your college experience a success! The Camelback High School Network and the Be A Leader Foundation agree to provide you:

- Financial support for your first year in college (amount determined based on financial need

- Membership to the Camelback High School Alumni Association

- Membership to the Be A Leader Student Association at ASU

- Guidance and mentorship from the Be A Leader Foundation’s College Program Coordinator

- Opportunities to volunteer with the Be A Leader Foundation

- Workshops to develop your knowledge and ability to successfully pursue your career interests

In turn, as a Camelback High School Scholar, you agree to the following commitments

1. Active participation in the Camelback High School Alumni Association;

2. Active participation in the Be A Leader Student Association

a. Submit an enrollment form for the Be A Leader Foundation’s College Program by Sunday, May 27 at midnight at

b. Attend the Be A Leader Foundation’s College Success Summer Retreat on Saturday, June 2nd from 9:30-1:30 PM (ASU Tempe - Student Services Building Amphitheater).

c. Attend a minimum of 4 Be A Leader Foundation's College Program Workshops during the 2018-2019 academic year (date and location to be determined)

3. Volunteer a minimum of 30 hours with the Be A Leader Foundation during the 2018-19 academic year;
4. Respond to a short survey during the Spring 2019 semester to update us on your progress in college.


Please enter your ful name in the text field below as acknowledgement and agreement to the commitments indicated above.  

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