Be A Leader Institute High School (9th-12th Grades)

Be A Leader Institute – High School (BLIH) is a program for high school students that provide monthly workshops to help them build a college-going mentality and teach them critical academic test taking skills that are necessary to become prepared for college requirements including entrance exams. The Be A Leader Foundation’s (BALF) goal is to increase their interest in and awareness of college by teaching a university focused curriculum. BALF will continue to work directly with these individuals to develop a network of college bound students through each of the campus Be A Leader Clubs.  BLIH’s primary goal is to get high school students college bound, focused and prepared. We will achieve this goal by providing a positive learning environment and a college-focused mentality for each participant to develop their educational 4 plus 4 plan. Our primary objective is to continue to prepare college bound students through active participation in our monthly BLIH workshops and Be A Leader High School Clubs including the support by our Be A Leader Parent Club. BLIH welcomes all high school students to attend our monthly program workshops without the need to apply to the program. For more information about BLIH please contact


The following 9 workshop topics are taught as part of the BLIH Curriculum:

  • Blueprint For High School Success (Understanding Your Transcript)
  • PSAT/SAT & ACT 101
  • Urban Leadership & Community Service (Getting Involved In Your City)
  • Your Big Pitch (Prepare Your Personal Statement For Programs, Scholarships & College Apps!)
  • Book Your Summer Adventure!(Summer Leadership Opportunities)
  • Cash For College Roadmap (FAFSA & Financial Aid Planning)
  • Tour Your Future (Exploring Your Career & Educational Path)
  • World Through My Lens (Learn To Effectively Navigate Through The Diverse World Around You)
  • Increase Your “Likes”(Networking Beyond Social Media)

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