Be A Leader Institute College (Post Secondary)

The Be A Leader Institute College (BLIC) program provides college students with educational and career path development support. BALF supports college students to continue their education by providing a series of workshops held each academic year. College students participating in BLIC learn key elements of networking & interviewing, career & graduate school planning, how to build leadership skills, and most importantly what it takes to achieve academic success.


BALF’s goal is to increase the number of college students who obtain a college undergraduate degree and then go on to work towards completion of a post graduate degree. BALF will continue to promote the program for college students throughout Arizona’s Universities and Community Colleges. In addition, BALF will continue to work directly with its existing partners (corporations, public and private non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other leadership associations) to increase career opportunities and internships for students in the Be A Leader Institute College program. The outcome is more graduates from college who go on to obtain significant employment opportunities and post graduate degrees. Currently, BALF is excited to note, we have post-graduate scholars at Columbia University, New York University, Arizona State University and University of Arizona, among other schools.


For more information regarding our BLIC program or if you’re a college student interested in participating in this program, please contact us at: OR Call 602-758-8000

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