Roosevelt Community Technology Center

The Roosevelt Community Technology Center (RCTC), formerly known as the “Neighborhood House” will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2012!!  The last major renovation to this facility was conducted in 1995 when the founders of the Be A Leader Foundation along with generous community support converted it into a technology center.  For thirteen years the RCTC has played a significant role in teaching men, women, students and the elderly about the utilization of computers and the Internet.  In 1994 it was determined that citizens in South Phoenix did not have access to technology and this lack of access drastically reduced their opportunity to develop critical skills needed to enhance their learning potential and educational development.


The populations targeted by the RCTC are the children, families and educational professionals in the Roosevelt Elementary School District (RESD). These individuals continue to face significant educational and professional challenges as a result of the digital divide, poverty and language.


On average, the facility continues to receive nearly 45,000 patrons a year and is open six days a week all year long. On the 10th Anniversary of the RCTC, the founders of the BALF and the original donors decided to embark on a renovation and expansion project of the RCTC.  The expansion will provide more capacity to service the needs of the community and will allow for more formal training sessions and services to be provided on a daily basis. This needed renovation and expansion will allow the Be A Leader Foundation (BALF) to continue its work in the community by securing adequate space and full utilization of the RCTC facility for such programs as the Valedictorian Club, leadership, scholarship and mentoring programs.


We invite you to visit the RCTC located at:

6029 S. 7th Street – Phoenix, AZ 85042


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