L. William & Sally Seidman

seidman1 seidman2Bill and Sally Seidman were among the most active and impactful supporters of enriching the perspective and education of all Americans.


They participated at the governmental level, serving the Ford, Reagan and Bush administrations. At the helm of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Resolution Trust Corporation, the Seidman’s played a direct role in rescuing the nation from one of its worst economic crises in history.


In the corporate world, the Seidman’s built their family business into one of the most successful and sustainable accounting firms in the United States. The firm is now known as BDO Seidman. In addition, they personally mentored and advised some of the nation’s most prominent business leaders including White House Fellows, Corporate CEO’s and have also served on a number of Fortune 100 boards.


They were passionate civic leaders and consistently supported the Arts, Research and Education. In Michigan, they founded Grand Valley State University, eventually establishing the Seidman College of Business. In Washington D.C. they founded the Washington Campus. The program has been recognized for educating the nation’s top business students. In addition, they were honored with the creation of the Seidman Center in Fairfax, Virginia. The Virginia Square facility acts as an educational institute and houses FDIC offices and student dorms. In Arizona, the Board of Regents established the Seidman Research Institute, which focuses on the development and analysis of local, national and international economic policy.


Altogether, the Seidmans were actively involved and engaged in educating, informing, and supporting America’s students. Their ardent support of this nation, and the education of its citizenry placed them among the most important and influential families in American history.


Their passing, in 2009, was a great loss and we are deeply grateful to have had them as supporters of the work of our foundation.

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