Scholarship Endowments

Scholarships and Endowments

Along with providing students with academic and leadership development workshops, BALF is proud to award financial scholarships to students demonstrating the qualities and college-going mentality that our foundation advocates. Providing students with financial aid resources is important to be able to dismiss the perceived and very real barrier facing many inner city families. Students and families are aware of the cost of a college education, but are often unfamiliar with the financial aid system including federal aid, state aid and private aid such as the BALF scholarships.


The Be A Leader Foundation has established six different scholarships to high school and college students. BALF’s high school leadership and academic program scholarship allows students to take advantage of summer program opportunities without the worry of having to cover the program costs. To be eligible for a BALF program scholarship, high school students must be active in their high school Be A Leader Clubs and demonstrate the qualities of a college bound student.


Once a student graduates from high school and start their college education, BALF has scholarship endowments in place to continue to support their college education. BALF has decided to honor individuals that have demonstrated a high level of servant leadership and dedication to the educational system. In their honor we have created the following endowments. Revenue generated from these endowments go to supporting the educational aspirations of young students throughout the state of Arizona who have decided to become college bound, focused and prepared.


For more information about any of the Be A Leader scholarships please contact info@bealeaderfoundation.org

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